Richard Gere fools New York tourist, gives actor her leftover pizza

Actor Richard Gere’s makeup for his new movie is so good that a New York tourist mistook the Chicago star for a real hobo and offered him the rest of her pizza.

Last week, The New York Post reported that a disheveled Gere went unrecognized near Grand Central Station. A French tourist, Karine Gombeau, even offered Gere a bag of food with pizza. Gere, staying in character, took the bag and thanked the woman.

Gombeau later chatted with the Post, explaining that she really thought Gere was a homeless man, so she offered him the rest of the pizza that she, her husband and 15-year-old son couldn’t finish at an Italian restaurant.

She said that Gere asked what was in the bag. “I tried to tell him in English, but it came out half in French,” she explained. “I said, ‘Je suis désolée [I am sorry], but the pizza is cold.’”

Gere took the bag, saying “Thank you so much. God bless you.”

She told the Post that she had no idea it was Gere, even though she loves Chicago. “It was magical . . . It’s crazy, this story. It’s unimaginable that something like this could happen,” she told the Post.

According to the Independent, Gere is making a film called Time Out Of Mind, in which he plays a homeless man hoping to see his estranged daughter again. The film will co-star Jena Malone.

image via Twitter from The New York Post

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