Top 10 Easter brunch recipes

You might think that brunch is simply a word that combines breakfast and lunch into one, but brunch is much more than that. Breakfast is for bowls of stale sugary cereal or overcooked fried eggs. Lunch is for sandwiches where the mustard juice has already soaked through the bread, making it all soggy.

But brunch is a meal where you have breakfast foods you hardly knew existed, wonderful concoctions of sweet and savory dishes that you gorge yourself on, because, hey, it’s two meals, right?

Simply put, brunch is a special occasion, and for millions of people, you can’t find a more special occasion that Easter. After all, the Easter bunny only comes one day a year–that’s why they call it the EASTER bunny, if you didn’t know. While Christmas has the figgy pudding or the roast duck, Easter has brunch to relax from all that egg-hunting and fry up something delicious.

With this in mind, we’ve scoured the internet high and low to find the tastiest and most original brunch recipes we could find to make Easter a treat for all the senses. You don’t want Peeps and chocolate bunnies to be the only things your kids eat, right?

[ new page = Deviled Eggs ]
10. Deviled Eggs

A classic hors d’oeurve. No Easter should go without this classic.

Find the recipe here

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9. Ham Croissants

They’re like pigs in a blanket, but with the added deliciousness of pastry dough and actual ham. Interested yet?

Here’s the recipe.

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8. Meyer Lemon and Strawberry Tart

To top off your brunch, enjoy a refreshing, fruity dessert that’s essentially spring on a plate.

Here’s the recipe.

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7. Frittata

You’re not going to escape using eggs on this holiday–sorry, vegans. This recipe has asparagus, goat cheese, and some classic spring herbs to give it plenty of flavor.

[ new page = Gruyere Cheese Potatoes ]
6. Gruyere Cheese Potatoes

It’s hard to go wrong with cheese and potatoes, whatever meal of the day it is.

[ new page = Bunny Pancakes ]
5. Bunny Pancakes

I’ve been trying to avoid gimmick recipes, but these pancakes are too aesthetically appealing and perfect for the season. Plus, they sound delicious.

[ new page = Bacon Wrapped Eggs ]
4. Bacon Wrapped Eggs

For your inner foodie, a way to present a classicm duo, bacon and eggs, in an entirely new way.

[ new page = French Toast Souffle ]
3. French Toast Souffle

A delectably sweet casserole dish that goes beyond any of your typical sweet breakfasts for a new level of gourmet.

[ new page = Bacon Cheese Bread ]
2. Bacon Cheese Bread

It goes without saying that holidays can get a little fattening, so why fight it? Instead of typical dinner rolls, try adding some of everyone favorite pork and everyone’s favorite dairy product.

[ new page = Quiches ]
1. Quiches

There’s too many to pick, sorry. Quiches are easy, delicious, and they sound fancy. Try adding your own favorite meats and veggies.

Find a list of great quiche recipes here.

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