Top 10 female celebrity tattoos

April 05 16:13 2014
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Female celebrities are getting inked more than ever before. Actresses and vocalists in particular are showing off their elaborate tattoos on the Red Carpet and on tour. From Rihanna’s and Miley Cyrus’ tattoo tributes to their grandmothers to Cara Delevingne’s and Pink’s animal tattoos, every piece of body art has it’s own meaning. Celebrity tattoo artists Kat Von D (who has done work on singers like Cyrus and Demi Lovato) and artist Bang Bang (who has inked close friends like Rihanna and Delevingne) are experts in tattooing high profile clients.

Interesting placement, careful detail and the interesting significance of tattoos like Hayley Williams’ razor tattoo and Lights’ huge Wonder Woman tattoo are what make these tattoos great. Tattoos that didn’t make the list include Selena Gomez’s plain heart tattoo located on her wrist and a poorly drawn Adam and Eve inspired heart turned apple with a snake surrounding it on the back of Audrina Patridge’s neck. Plain or indistinguishable tattoos can be considered some of the worst tattoos.

Here are the current top 10 best female celebrity tattoos leading up to number one.



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