Woman dies during skydiving world record attempt

A woman was killed in Arizona Thursday when her parachute malfunctioned during a skydiving jump.

Diana Paris, 46, was part of a group of skydivers attempted to make a world record for most skydivers changing formations at a time. According to CNN, Paris’ main parachute released too late into the jump, causing the accident. No other skydiver was hurt during the jump.

The group, called the World Team, will now attempt a 221-person jump for the world record, saying they will not replace Paris.

Euro News reports that the German diver had been prepping with the group for 18 months to make the attempt jump possible. Fox 10 had interviewed Paris before the accident.

This is the third skydiving death to take place since December.

“Out dear friend cannot and will not be replaced,” the team said in a statement. “The group will continue to hold the slow open in the skydiver’s honor.”

Paris’ husband told police that she has done over 1,500 jumps.

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