‘Workaholics’ Recap: ‘Friendship Anniversary’

Adam, Blake, and Anders celebrate their official 7th year anniversary as roommates.

At first, the guys are ecstatic to be re-signing their lease together. The annual event is complete with a bottle of champagne to be opened upon their recommitment. The plan is to have a nice dinner; however, their maturity level drops rapidly as they sit at the dining room table together. Adam pops the champagne too early, Anders tries to force a Norwegian meal on them, and Blake ruins his roommate’s beloved belongings by performing arts and crafts on them.

The celebratory dinner escalates into an all out brawl, ending in an even more destroyed house than normal. At one point, Blake propels a Costco sized can of food at Adam’s face. Firstly, this breaks the television rather than Adam’s face, and secondly, Adam is offended. Who wouldn’t be? His best friend just tried to take him out.

Our best buds were so close to making it to the altar, so to speak. Unfortunately, one nasty fight leads to cold feet of all three of them. One by one they leave their fortress, each heading in different directions. Blake lands on the doorstep of Jillian’s, Anders in the back seat of his Volvo, and Adam is drunk at the bar.

This only leads to further unhappiness. Jillian becomes a crazy monster by making Blake sleep in the bathtub with a cold shower running on him, and some underage drinkers at the park bully Anders. Literally, they push over his portable potty as he is going to the bathroom, and he subjects to sleeping in it. Meanwhile, Adam gets a little too rowdy at the bar, and without even realizing it ends up in the bed of a homosexual male. It is safe to say they all miss each other right about now.

Finally, the boys come to an agreement. The security deposit will be split amongst the three of them, and after they will be done with one another for good. There is only one major problem. Their rental home is now infested with rats due to their recent food fight. The episode then escalates into a repulsive rat massacre – the details I would rather dismiss.

I guess this ends up being some odd bonding experience between the three of them, because after they have released their anger through beating the rats to a pulp everything returns to normal.

Season 4 is definitely the grossest of them all. Seven years of them living in that house was enough to create a slime layer throughout. But, this event trumps all. I think their house should officially be condemned.

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