FCC chairman plans to revise net neutrality proposal

The Federal Communication Commission said that chairman Tom Wheeler is planning on revising the net neutrality proposal as pressure mounted from the public and numerous tech companies.

An FCC official confirmed the planned revision to Mashable on Monday. The new plan will supposedly specifically mention that Internet Service Providers will not be allowed to create so-called fast lanes, which could potentially hurt smaller content creators.

Wheeler is also said to be looking for more public input and could possibly not allow the ability for ISPs to negotiate for fast lanes at all.

Unfortunately for those concerned about what the new proposal might say, it won’t be available for public view or comment until after an upcoming vote.

Last week a commission member, Jessica Rosenworcel, called on Wheeler to delay the upcoming vote on the original proposal so as to allow more public input, but FCC spokesman Neil Grace said at the time that the vote was still going ahead as planned as the public would still have a chance to speak up.

The original proposal, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal, would have allowed ISPs to negotiate deals with content creators, like Netflix, for better consumer access to their content, which many – including Microsoft and Amazon – feared could lead to online discrimination where access to smaller sites could be considerably slower than to their larger competitors.

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