Florida jail explosion injures over 100 people and kills 2 inmates

A blast in a Florida jail kills two people and injures over 100 on Thursday morning. Officials are unable at this time to find a direct correlation between the explosion and the flooding in the Florida Panhandle.

Kathleen Castro, the public information manager for the county, said that the building became unstable as a result of an “apparent gas explosion.”

“The building is still standing, it’s just unstable and partially collapsed,” Castro told Reuters. “We have reports people heard an explosion and smelled gas. There was no fire.”

The front of the Escambia County Jail bowed out, according to the Associated Press. Pieces of glass from the windows landed on the ground. The inmates were brought to facilities in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County. Injured inmates and guards were brought to hospitals.

Some of the injuries were minor. Search and rescue teams and investigators made certain that people were accounted for. The jail held usually held 400 men and 200 women. The names were not released of the two people who were killed in the explosion.

The explosion comes after rain devastated Pensacola. Flooding throughout Florida continued on Wednesday.

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