Gluten-free may not be so beneficial

The very same researcher that said that gluten-free diets can benefit those without celiac disease has conducted another study that has found that there is no such thing as non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
Peter Gibson found in his first study that gluten can cause intestinal distress even in those without celiac. His initial study was what backed the “gluten-free” diet fad, according to The Raw Story.
After his first study, everyone thought being “gluten-free” was the way to go. Most people, however, don’t know what gluten really is, according to TIME.
Those trying to avoid gluten often think it is present in every type of grain and they try to avoid breads, etc. all together.
Gibson did not feel that one study was enough to back an entire way of life.
In the second study, Gibson treated subjects with three different diets: low-gluten, high-gluten and a baseline diet. He found that the subjects had similar intestinal distress with low and high gluten diets compared to the baseline.
After this study, Gibson was forced to contradict what his findings said in 2011. “In contrast to our first study,” he said, “we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten.”

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