Gregg Allman, filmakers sued over ‘Midnight Rider’ train death

Production of the upcoming Midnight Rider has been experiencing many deviating set backs including the death of a young camera assistant. The lawsuits continue to be filed surrounding this incident.

Singer Gregg Allamn was sued Wednesday along with producers on the film and a railroad company, AP reported. They are being accused of a being responsible or the death of that camera assistant which happened in February when a freight train slammed into a film crew.

E! Online added that the family of Sarah Jones, who was killed on set, filed the suit against the following individuals.

The suit explains in detail that the filmmakers selected a dangerous site to start production on. “Filmmakers selected an unreasonably dangerous site for the filming location; failed to secure approval for filming from CSX; concealed their lack of approval from CSX from the cast and crew … and otherwise failed to take measures to protect the safety of the `Midnight Rider’ cast and crew,” the lawsuit explains.

Allman recently dropped his own lawsuit against the production. He filed a lawsuit following the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones on the project. Following her death, Allman asked director Randall Miller to stop production. The suit was settled outside of court.

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