‘Jurassic World’ director confirms leaked story details

Director Colin Trevorrow has opened up about spoilers for his upcoming film Jurassic World.

Trevorrow revealed what would and wouldn’t be in the film during an interview with SlashFilm. His announcement came in light of last week’s leaks from JoBlo.com about plot details.

In the interview, Trevorrow confirmed that the film will take place twenty-two years after the original film on a fully-functional Jurassic Park facility on Isla Nublar. The park sees 20,000 people each day who, of course, come to see real dinosaurs. Trevorrow said that the film is going to comment on humanity’s everyday relationship with science and technology.

“What if they built a new biological preserve where you could see dinosaurs walk the earth … and what if people were already kind of over it?” Trevorrow asked.

Other details that Trevorrow revealed were that Chris Pratt plays a scientist and that there will be gene-spliced dinosaurs.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Trevorrow didn’t want to keep secrets from fans. Rather, he and the crew wanted to create genuine surprises.

Along with Chris Pratt, Jurassic World stars Omar Sy, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio. The film will be released on July 12, 2015.

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