Massachusetts doctor allegedly molested patients while they were under anesthesia

A Massachusetts fertility doctor allegedly sexually molested his patients while they were under anesthesia.
According to the New York Daily News, Dr. Roger Ian Hardy has been accused of molesting patients for a decade while insisting it was a part of their treatment.

The Boston Globe reported that allegations were first brought against Hardy in 2004.

A woman claimed that Hardy inappropriately touched her while she was half sedated. The doctor denied any wrongdoing and continued to practice.

The Globe noted that some staff members also reported “Dr. Hardy’s misconduct’’ to other physicians at the Fertility Centers of New England.

In October, an anonymous female specialist came forward and said that a patient confided in her that the doctor sexually touched her and said it was part of her treatment. After her admission, many other nurses and physicians told the board of investigators about what alleged inappropriate behavior they had witnessed.

Hardy is not practicing at this time and has turned in his medical license.

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