Michael Barry-Rec releases ‘Continuum’

Michael Barry-Rec has released his latest album, Continuum. From start to finish, this album submerges people in the instrumental world that Barry-Rec has created.

The songs feel relaxed yet very musically complex, this is the type of album that fans will have to listen to a few times to really hear and appreciate all of the layers that Continuum has to offer.

This album is very different then what top 40 fans are listening to on the charts. This is the type of album that really wants to express a musical point of view as opposed to fans focusing on the lyrics in songs. Continuum is almost all instrumentals only.

The album starts off with the song, “Rendezvous” which really sets the tone for the entire album. It has a few difference influences that can be heard in just the first track alone. This type of music combines instrumentals with indie, urban vibes that can be appreciated and heard strongly on the opening track.

Continumm really captures and shows off a strong Americana influence and many different instruments ranging from guitars to pianos.

Each song on the record transitions into the next and it feels like an entire musical landscape as opposed to singles. The songs start and move through different emotions that can be heard with the changing of the instruments on each track. The album really captures the musical movement and tone that is on each individual track.

Stand out tracks on the album include, “Fields That Never Die,” “Lotus” and “Beckon.”

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