Michelle Malone ‘Acoustic Winter’ album review

Michelle Malone has released another album entitled Acoustic Winter and with the simple, melodic sound of her voice backed mostly by guitar and other instruments, this album illustrates the beautiful music that has proven to show that Malone is a talented singer and musician.

Malone’s Facebook describes her as an independent artist who has infused many sounds such as folk, rock, and blues in order to put together beautiful music that has won her many awards, including Grammy nominations. With 13 albums under her belt, this newest endeavor encapsulates the passion she displays through her vocals.

Beginning with the song “Home,” the album sets the tone for the slow, melodic, and melancholy feel that comes through with each strum of the guitar set behind her vocals. On her SoundCloud page, Malone describes the album as “introspective” with other instruments such as the upright bass, some percussion, and the piano.

With the soothing sounds of these instruments, it is easy to focus on the beauty of Malone’s voice in conjunction with the lyrics of the songs.

The songs I enjoyed listening to were “Home,” “Where Is The Love,” and “A Walk In The Woods.” The last song concentrates on a guitar solo, a beautiful instrumental that is easy to listen to. The songs are beautiful and really reflect on the inner emotions that go into the words Malone sings.

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