Mountaineer dies climbing Mount McKinley

The National Park Service says that they have discovered the remains of a hiker who fell to her death while climbing Mount McKinley this week.

Sylvia Montag, a 39-year-old Tacoma, Washington resident, was located by a helicopter on Wednesday night, reports The Associated Press. She had been trying to climb the highest peak in North America with a companion, Mike Fuchs from Berlin.

Fuchs, 34, said they got separated while trying to descend from 18,200 feet after reaching the Denali Pass and having to hunker down for two days due to strong wind. He called in on Monday, but the high winds prevented any rescue attempt until on Wednesday.

Fuchs explained that he and Montag were not tied together and they each only had some of the survival gear, reports KTVA, meaning he arrived at a camp at around 17,200 feet and had the satellite phone and stove, but did not have any food or the tent.

According to Anchorage Daily News, Fuchs was rescued and taken to the Kahiltna Glacier base camp. After being examined by a medical crew, he was taken to Talkeetna.

Officials said that the climbing pair were two of the first to try and tackle Mount McKinley. The peak stands at 20,322 feet.

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