Police say Michael Jace told 911 operator he shot his wife

Police say that after The Shield alum Michael Jace shot and killed his wife on Monday night, he called and told a 911 operator that he was the one who shot her.

Jace allegedly called 911 several times and that a printout of the call shows he admitted at one point to being the one who pulled the trigger, according to Los Angeles Police Detective Dean Vinluan, reports CBS News.

Police noted that Jace hasn’t been formally charged in the murder of his wife April yet, and won’t be until they are done investigating for the possible motive. Detectives are looking into whether finances or other marital problems are the cause.

According to police who spoke with Los Angeles Times, the shooting “is believed to be domestic violence.”

Neighbors are shocked over the shooting death and dispute the possibility of domestic violence, as the couple’s neighbor of 12 years, Shirley Harding, noted, “All I heard coming out of that household were giggles.”

However, Jace was accused of domestic violence years ago by Jennifer Bitterman, his previous wife, during divorce proceedings. She claimed he threatened to kill her while they argued over a custody agreement for their son.

Bitterman’s friend collaborated the domestic violence accusations in court back then, saying Jace “choked and hit” his wife. The TV actor also “slammed her against the wall while [her son] screamed in his crib next to her.”

As previously reported, the actor who is known for playing cops on TV shot April shortly after she came home with the couple’s two sons.

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