Radio icon Casey Kasem’s location unknown, daughter named temporary conservator

Casey Kasem’s children say they have no idea where there father is, even as his daughter was named temporary conservator.

A court spokeswoman told NBC News, that at a hearing Kasem was said to either be in Washington or he is out of the country. The 82-year-old DJ suffers from Parkinson’s and is unable to speak. The judge found the news troubling that no one could speak to Kasem’s location.

Judge Daniel S. Murphy installed Kasem’s daughter, Kerri Kasem, as his temporary conservator, and also ordered that a court investigator locate the radio icon. The children, who say they haven’t been allowed to see their father, believe he might be in Washington, but their father’s wife’s lawyer, Craig Marcus, said Kasem was “removed from the country,” but was unable to elaborate.

Speaking with New York Daily News, Kerri said, “We’re going to find him, take care of him and love him.” She added, “He’s going to be with family, not stuck in some unfamiliar place where he’s dying alone.”

Marcus argued at the hearing that Jean had a right to move her husband as she wanted, but Kerri said that it violates a legal agreement between them and their stepmother. Kasem’s children and their stepmother have been feuding for a long time.

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