‘Resurrection’ Recap: ‘Torn Apart’

This Sunday on Resurrection, the government takes action in Arcadia, and Tom Hale reunites with his wife.

Agent Bellamy, Sheriff Fred, and Tom Hale are desperate to understand how Rachel has come back from the dead for a second time. She appeared alive and well no more than 24 hours after getting shot in the heart during the last episode. Just as there were two bodies of Jacob Langston, one dead and one alive, there are now three bodies of Rachel – two dead and one alive.

As Rachel stares at her own cold, pale, face lying there on the table of the morgue, dozens more appear in the town’s church. The time has come for Agent Bellamy to take the next step by having authorities intervene. Though he doesn’t know how to successfully go about this, he does know something must be done to help the returned.

While Tom and Bellamy organize people at the church, Fred drags his feet home. He is still unaware that his bride has come back to Arcadia from the dead. But, Maggie is not. Now that she knows about her mom’s affair with Sam, his house was the first place she ran. What was supposed to be a heart felt reunion turns cold when Maggie learns her mother has been back for a week already.

She is hurt by her mother’s affair and disregard for her own daughter. Maggie tells Barbara that if she doesn’t confront Fred, than she will have to tell him herself. With that said, Barbara goes to Fred’s house almost immediately. Sadly, Sheriff Fred thinks she is coming home for good as he runs to her and sweeps her in his arms. But, she does not share the excitement. Barbara is straightforward with what she wants and that is Sam – not him.

Bellamy’s boss has sent in reinforcement troops to help with supplies and care for those who have returned. It began as a safe process, and a nearby gym was being utilized as shelter for the some 250 people. But, with Sheriff Fred’s anger guiding his decisions, it quickly becomes quarantine. His mind switches gears to evil, and it becomes apparent to Maggie and Bellamy that her father wants them all gone for good.

Maggie’s only plan is to destroy the only list they have of every single name that has come back. Without this list, the authorities will not be able to tell the living from the “dead.” Bellamy’s plan is more hands on. He pulls the fire alarm, as it is the only way to get everyone out of the gym. Though he only succeeds at saving some, because Fred catches him in the act. His deputies think they are protecting them by keeping them inside, but Fred has a different objective.

The sheriff orders his men to hunt down those who have escaped and bring them back to isolation. The only problem is they do not know whom to capture. Barbara is still trapped inside the gym – just where Fred wants her. Maggie is handcuffed due to her disobedience with the troops. But, Jacob runs away with Bellamy to keep safe, while Rachel and the Thompsons are hiding out with Tom’s wife. His wife is not thrilled about this uncomfortable scenario, but she has to protect God’s people.

In the end, the authorities catch up to Agent Bellamy and Jacob. This is now much bigger than Arcadia and completely out of Sheriff Fred’s control. Ultimately, we have no idea what will happen. But, it is revealed that Agent Bellamy is the lost son of the Thompsons. His parents have been searching for him as a little boy, thinking he died in the flood as well. However, he must have survived, because the crescent birthmark on his shoulder is just as his mother described.

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