‘The Simpsons’ Recap: ‘Pay Pal’

As Bart watches another classic episode of Itchy & Scratchy, Marge makes a cake for the block party, but when batter splatters everywhere in the kitchen, Marge must go buy store bought!

Marge tries to go incognito at the supermarket with Maggie and hides her cake under an array of groceries. The cashier, however, asks for a price check over the intercom causing the entire store to gasp in unison.

An embarrassed Marge slaps down the cash and runs out of the store with the cake and Maggie.

At the block party, Marge places her store bought cake on the table at the same time a new neighbor places his store bought cake.

Despite her initial anxiety, Marge feels at eased meeting Booth Wilkes John, a British man, who invites Marge over to adult game night with his wife.

Even though Marge wants to go, she thinks back to when Homer ruined adult game night for her. Marge declines at first citing church the next day, but Reverend Lovejoy says he’s moving service to Monday.

Marge talks to Homer in bed about not having any friends, so she wants to go to this game night, yet Lisa chimes in with being ok with not having friends herself.

Before game night, Marge reminds Homer of the proper etiquette, like Homer is only supposed to have one drink. Psh…yeah, right.

Inside the new neighbor’s home, Marge and Homer mingle with the guests. The game begins with role play, and Homer unknowingly reveals the murderer in the story prompting the host to kick the Simpsons out.

Marge feels depressed over not having friends, but she’s set on not having her daughter go through life without friends, so Marge decides to have a party for Lisa and invite everyone who knows her. The only problem is that only one boy shows up.

Since this doesn’t look good, Marge wants to scrap the idea, but the one boy won’t leave unless he gets a party. Marge and Homer throw a party for the kid and send him off with party favors just in time as Lisa arrives home.

At Springfield Elementary, Marge goes on a mission to figure out why Lisa does not have any friends.

When the class has to practice square dancing, Lisa is left without a partner until an outside student steps in to save the day.

Lisa’s new friend seems to have the same interests as Lisa, but all these jazz listening and kale chia smoothie drinking activities seem too good to be true, according to Bart.

When Bart follows Lisa’s friend to the Krusty Burger play area, he witnesses a certain Simpsons matriarch handing over some cash to said, “friend.”

Bart delivers the photographic evidence to Lisa, who confronts Marge in the kitchen. Lisa tells her mother that she would have found a friend in a decade. Why couldn’t Marge just wait until Lisa went to college?

Marge mopes around with Homer and Grandpa. Grandpa reveals that he paid Lenny and Carl to befriend Homer in the sandbox and to this day they are still friends much to Homer’s dismay.

Homer asks if that story is true to which Grandpa replies that he wouldn’t pay ten cents to prevent a lion from getting at him.

Meanwhile, Marge has a heart to heart conversation with her daughter. Although Lisa felt angry, the thought of her mother in tears makes Lisa apologize and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.

“Mother’s Day?!” Bart and Homer scream at the doorway. “Crap!” Homer yells as he and his son run for their lives.

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