Too much cardio could kill you

German researchers have found that people with existing heart conditions who also engage in high intensity exercise may increase their risk of heart attack or stroke.

This study was published in the online journal Heart. Also published in the journal was a Swedish study saying that young men who take part in more than five hours a week could heighten their risk for developing a irregular heart rhythm later in life.

The Science Recorder reported that in the German study those who became active quickly without prior experience were more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. If a person has been habitually active, they are less likely to have heart attack or stroke.

The authors said that, “The benefits of exercise are definitely not to be questioned; on the contrary, they should be reinforced. The studies reviewed here, and future studies, will serve to [maximize] benefits obtained by regular exercise while preventing undesirable effects—just like all other drugs and therapies.”

However, overdoing it can cause problems. Both studies, according to The Daily Mail, show that more exercise does not always mean better.

Though exercise is still really great for you, it should be taken in moderation, especially if you have existing heart conditions.

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