Top 10 Christina Ricci films

Christina Ricci is an actress who was one of the many familiar child stars in the 1990’s, playing an eclectic mix of roles as she grew older. From playing the girl next door to a young woman who has lost her best friend to hate, Ricci has shown different sides of her acting capabilities in the various roles she has held since she was nine-years old, when she played opposite Winona Ryder and Cher in Mermaids.

As she reached adulthood, she also starred in many movies and television shows. She has displayed comedic elements in her acting, as well as dramatic, showcasing the talent she has an actress.

Ricci is married to James Heerdegen and it was recently announced they were expecting their first child together. To celebrate Ricci’s joyous news, we look back at some of the best roles of Ricci’s career.

While she has a long list of credits, these are some of Ricci’s most memorable performances, from a young child to a young woman. What’s your favorite Christina Ricci film?

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10. Mermaids

When Ricci was nine-years-old, she landed her first movie role alongside Winona Ryder and Cher in Mermaids. The story is about a woman who moves to a new town with her daughters, the oldest of whom wants to be a nun. Ricci plays Kate, the younger sister of the family of three and displays a fun and innocent side through the seriousness of the film. In this scene below, she is acting silly with a pumpkin over her head.

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9. That Darn Cat

In this 1997 film, Ricci plays Patti, whose cat D.C. has a message about a maid who has been kidnapped. Patti decides to do her own investigative work in order to find the victim, with the help of her cat of course.

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8. Sleepy Hollow

Ricci plays Katrina Van Tassel, who is the love interest to Johnny Depp’s Ichabod Crane. He is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate multiple slayings, which are believed to be perpetrated by the Headless Horseman.

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7. Now and Then

Now and Then is about four adult friends who reminisce on their lives in the summer of 1970. Ricci plays the younger version of Roberta, who is a tomboy and has a hard time with the topic of death after the loss of her mother at a young age. Ricci displays some emotional acting in this movie.

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6. The Laramie Project

Based on the play of the same name, the film follows a group of actors who go to talk to the people of Laramie, Wyoming about the murder of Matthew Shepherd, a young gay man who was killed by two men. Ricci plays Romaine Patterson, Shepherd’s friend who would form a counter-protest at the trial of Matthew’s killers in response to a protest planned by Fred Phelps.

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5. Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain

In this film, Ricci plays Beth Easton, who moves to a small town after living in the big city of Los Angeles. She meets a young girl named Jody Salerno, played by Anna Chlumsky, and the two become good friends. They hear a story about a young girl named Molly Morgan who hid treasure on Bear Mountain and disappeared. The two girls decide to go on adventure up to the mountain.

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4. Casper

Ricci plays Kat, a girl who moves to a large home with her father. Four ghosts, Casper and his gross and mean uncles, inhabit the home, causing calamity at their disposal. Kat befriends Casper and learns about his life before he died and became a ghost. In the end, a touching scene occurs when Casper is able to become real for just a brief amount of time.

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3. Penelope

In this charming movie, Ricci plays a girl named Penelope, who is born with a pig’s snout due to a curse placed on her family five generations before her. She must learn to be loved by her own kind in order to have a regular nose.

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2. Monster

Monster tells the story of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who killed several men and was later executed for her crimes. Ricci plays Selby, her lover who eventually would testify against Wuornos. While her character is fictionalized, she is based on the real-life companion of the real Aileen Wuornos.

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1. Addams Family Values

Her best known role as Wednesday Addams, she plays the only daughter who now has to deal with a second, and new, brother, as well as a nanny she is suspicious of after the woman sets out to marry her Uncle Fester. In order to prevent the kids from discovering her plan, the nanny sends Wednesday and her brother, Pugsley, off to summer camp. In the film, one of the counselors creates a play based off the first Thanksgiving and in the scene below, Wednesday puts her own perspective into the story.

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