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May 12 08:19 2014

It has been almost a year since Cory Monteith died tragically from a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin last July in a Vancouver hotel. However, on Sunday May 11, which also happened to be Mother’s Day, what was being remembered was not the day he died but the day he was born. On what would’ve been the late actor’s 32nd birthday, his Glee costar and girlfriend Lea Michele took to Twitter to honor him. As previously reported by, the 27-year-old posted a sweet picture in which the late actor-singer flashed a big, sweet smile, captioning it with, “The biggest heart and most beautiful smile.. In all of our hearts.. We love you so. Happy Birthday.” To also honor him on this occasion as well as to celebrate his talent, we have compiled a list of Monteith’s best Glee performances as Finn Hudson to remind everyone of one of the reasons he was so loved by his fans.

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10. “I’ll Stand By You”

Back during Finn’s more naïve days in the first season of the show, he thought he had gotten his girlfriend, Quinn, pregnant via hot tub while kissing. With the help of Kurt, who was later to become his stepbrother, he found the song to help him cope with his emotions. His innocence and love shine through in this performance, as he sings to the unborn child he believed was his and promises him or her to be there no matter what.

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9. “Man in the Mirror”

This wasn’t a Finn solo, he had the help of his Glee teammates, but it was such a beautiful performance it couldn’t go unmentioned. Michael Jackson’s heartfelt song made for a rendition that had all the works of an emotional performance, lighting, costumes, and group vocals that bring goosebumps while watching.

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8. “Losing My Religion”

During an episode where faith and religion were put to the test, Finn’s rendition of “Losing My Religion” really conveyed the feelings of confusion and hurt over finding out that despite some minor victories in his life, the Jesus shape on his grilled cheese sandwich wasn’t proof that there was a God watching over him and everyone he loved. Combining that with Kurt’s Dad’s heart attack and with the fact that Kurt didn’t feel loved or even welcome by God or churches made Finn’s feeling of frustration even more apparent through the song.

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7. “Jessie’s Girl”

In keeping with Finn’s emotions, here is the song that Finn sang to Rachel after realizing that she was the girl for him. Too bad for him, Rachel was already dating bad boy Jessie St. James from rival team Vocal Adrenaline. Perhaps some of Monteith’s real-life emotions toward Lea Michele influenced the performance, because his looks and passion while singing were that of someone who truly wanted Jessie’s Girl.

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6. “Hello, I Love You”

Still hurting from the betrayal and embarrassment that resulted from his breakup with Quinn, Finn, as usual, sang a song that fitted his style perfectly. This song took him on a stroll so sexy and inviting that even Kurt was struggling with his breathing while all eyes were on Finn. It also gave us a chance to hear Finn’s seductive tenor.

Hello, I Love You – Glee version from Dany Glee-1D on Vimeo.

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5. “I Can’t Fight This Feeling”

Before Finn was singing to Rachel with his dreamy eyes and before he was playing the drums and having solos, he was a jock with no other creative or emotional outlet than singing in the shower. The shower scene was the very first time we got to hear Finn singing. Unlike most of the first times we heard the rest of the glee club members sing, Finn wasn’t singing along to the track, but instead singing a capella and showing us his voice in its raw form. Even though Mr. Schuester tricked him into joining the club, Glee turned out to be a wonderful thing for Finn.

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4. “Pretending”

Finn and Rachel’s “Pretending” performance was so emotionally connected to them that upon finishing the song they couldn’t help but share a passionate and long-awaited kiss. After all, the song was written by Finn. Obviously it was based on his relationship with Rachel and the fact that they had been “pretending” not to love one another.

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3. “Just the Way You Are”

Finn’s relationship with his brother Kurt didn’t start off the right way, given that Kurt was in love with him and the idea of sharing a room made Finn very uncomfortable. However, Finn eventually came to realize what a great brother Kurt would be. He sang the song at his mother’s wedding to Kurt’s dad, and dedicated it to Kurt and promised to stick by his side. This performance was emotional because Finn had truly come to love Kurt, and all past feelings of uncomfortable awkwardness were behind him. The love toward his brother radiated through the song and everyone present could feel the emotion as the now-official brothers danced together.

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2. “Don’t Stop Believing”

This is the song that made audiences fall in love with the show. This is the song that featured the glee club’s first “good” performance. And this is the song that gave Mr. Schue that last nudge he needed to forget about being an accountant and continue being a teacher. Not only did “Don’t Stop Believing” become a fan favorite, it became an anthem for the positive and encouraging feelings that Glee is known for instilling. Furthermore, this song was the first and last that Finn and Rachel performed together.

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1. “We’ve Got Tonight”

The number one Cory Monteith performance as Finn Hudson is “We’ve Got Tonight,” which was performed at Will and Emma’s (almost) wedding. It’s a song performed by college students, living-in-separate-cities, broken-up Finn and Rachel. It has a more mature and deep level of meaning. Just before singing it, Finn told Rachel that it didn’t matter who she was with and what she was doing with him, than she and him were end game. Finn told Rachel that she’s his girlfriend no matter what. There was such determination and passion in his words that Rachel couldn’t even give him a worthy response, simply because she knew he was right. “Don’t Stop Believing” was the last song Finn and Rachel performed together, but it was done in flashback style during Rachel’s Funny Girl callback audition. “We’ve Got Tonight” was the last song they sang together in actual time and it was the night they were last together, which makes it all the more special.

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