Top 10 Flashback Friday Songs: 2000s Edition

Top 10 Flashback Friday Songs: 2000s Edition

Before The All-American Rejects were giving us hell, they were moving along. Before Taylor was “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” she was crying on her guitar. And before Pink did it, it was Aaliyah who was telling us to try again.

The 2000s were great years. The excitement of music video premieres was something we experienced together as one nation under MTV during Total Request Live. Both portable CD players and iPods had their moments of fame during the 2000s. The Friends finale was in the 2000s and so was the big Britney/Madonna/Christina kissing fest during the Video Music Awards. The 2000s were years that brought change (our first Black president), worry (global warming), and health scares (swine flu outbreak). But they were also years of great music.

This music compilation includes songs whose lyrics everyone knew, songs that will bring you back to a high school memory, and songs that will forever go down in history as the chart-toppers of the first decade of the new millennium.

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10. “Teardrops on My Guitar”

This isn’t the best of Taylor’s songs, but it was one of the first we heard from her. The video has its cringe-worthy moments, like Taylor wearing her fancy dress in bed and hugging her guitar for way too long, but it also has its cliché-yet-cute parts, like her messing up her chemistry formula in class and being totally embarrassed about it. Besides, it looked like Tyler Hilton wasn’t playing the total creep he portrayed in his first few appearances as Kris Keller in One Tree Hill.

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9. “Don’t Cha”

Aside from its conceited tone and the lack of substantial lyrics, this song has just the right amount of confidence to get away with the simplicity of the verses. And it’s catchy!

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8. “U Remind Me”

Was there any Usher song that we didn’t all know? “U Remind Me” is only one of the many songs with which Usher basically dominated the 2000s.

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7. “Try Again”
Before Aaliyah tragically passed away in 2001, she graced the world with her talent and great songs, one of which is “Try Again.” We were singing along to it back then and we are still singing along to it now.

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6. “Baby Boy”

The 2000s was a great decade for Seany Paul, he had us shaking that thing and sticking to our girls like glue. He also had a hit song with Beyonce with a video that included much dancing and a great chorus.

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5. “Move Along”

The Rejects have so many great songs that it was difficult to only choose one to list. I went with this one because it was popular in 2006, which means they started the second half of the decade with an uplifting mood.

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4. “Pieces of Me”

There was a period in time when Jessica and Ashlee were at the top of the world. Their music and reality shows were just everywhere. It didn’t last long, however, and the songs that everyone was once singing along to have simply remained in the past. “Pieces of Me” was only one of Ashlee Simpson’s songs in the not-trying-to-be-like-her-sister genre, which despite some low moments (Super Bowl, SNL), had big success.

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3. “You’re So Last Summer”

At one point, most people’s AOL Instant Messenger icon was one with the phrase, “If I’m just bad news, then you’re a liar,” which is a line from “You’re So Last Summer.” Taking Back Sunday had songs that perfectly matched the “emo” era that many teens went through in the 2000s. “Emo” or not, this song was in everyone’s iPod with the lyrics and album art.

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2. “Piece of Me”

Before Britney was being offered millions of dollars to extend her Las Vegas residency, she went through a bit of a crazy phase. She was all over the news in unflattering stories. What better way could there be to stick it to all of that than in a hit song that basically states she’s been queen since she was 17 and there’s no changing that?

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1. “Hot in Herre”

There’s a reason a San Franciso radio station played this song all day long a few weeks ago. The best way to inform listeners that your station is the hottest is to play the hottest song. That’s what Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” is, the hottest.

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