10-year-old California boy receives high school diploma

10-year-old Tanishq Abraham has become one of the youngest people ever to graduate high school in the United States. He received his diploma at a private ceremony on Sunday in front of family and friends at the California Auto Museum.

Tanishq was homeschooled, and successfully met the state requirements to graduate. He earned a 4.0 GPA.

NY Daily News reports that Tanishq said, “It wasn’t, like, easy, but it was not that hard either.”

Tanishq’s mother, Taji Abraham, has always known her son was gifted, but she had no idea of the extent of his potential. She told KXTV News, “I had a hunch he was a little gifted, but of course my husband didn’t believe that and we had to wait about two to three years. Once we got a formal IQ test, that’s when we figured it out.” At the age of four, he joined Mensa, a group for people who’s IQ was in the top two percent of the population.

When asked about his hopes and goals for the future, Tanishq told KXTV News, “My ultimate goal would be science, like scientist or doctor, but also want to be president too.”

President Obama even sent Tanishq a congratulatory letter for his accomplishments.

The young genius is grateful for his family in their help and support of his success. In the future, he wishes to attend medical school at UC Davis and find a cure for cancer.

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