Angry Chilean fans storm Maracana Stadium

Almost 100 angry Chilean fans stormed Maracana, demanding to watch the Spain-Chile match.

According to Yahoo Sports, the fans busted through the gate to the media entrance, and cracked a glass, and broke through several partitions.

It appeared as if the fans were running late to the match, but things took an interesting turn.

They did not have tickets, but still wanted to see the game that was set to begin 30 minutes after they broke in.

According to the Associated Press, a temporary wall in one corner of the room was broken down by the angry mob. Media work tables were damaged as parts of the wall fell on it.

85 fans were detained, but did not go quietly.

“I traveled thousands of kilometers to get here, one fan yelled as police marched them towards a holding area.

Fans were angry about the $1,000 ticket price for the game.

Although the fans were not able to watch the game, they would have been proud.

Chile defeated Spain 2-0.

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