Colonial Williamsburg


Visiting the Revolutionary City was a moving experience that every American should see. You get to step back in time to live the revolution and experience how the United States was formed.

Many tours and activities are offered. There are many tours that are included with your admission. We toured the Governor’s Palace where we given a “first-hand” account of the goings on. You can tour various government buildings, homes and shops. There are also paid tours and evening tours.

towerWe enjoyed meals at eighteenth century taverns that the Revolutionary City is known for. We dined at King’s Arms Tavern and Christianna Campbell’s Tavern. Both offered traditional food from the period which was of good quality accompanied by excellent service. The roving musicians provided great entertainment.

Besides touring the city, the museums that are also included with your admission were very interesting. We visited DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum which are housed in the same building. Highlights for us included a variety of musical instruments like harpsichords as well as beautiful antique furniture.

We experienced excellent service by everyone we encountered from ticket sales, to restaurant servers to gift shop employees.

At Williamsburg there is something for everyone. Children liked the open space and fun hats and costumes to try on as well. The Spy Craft program RevQuest: Save the Revolution! was excellent; it is catered to school aged children. Your child would become a spy in assisting the colonies gain the aid of the French. It is exceptionally well done and complex as it involves decoding messages, awaiting texts on your phone, and going to secret meetings. Our daughter loved it as it kept her entertained almost all day.

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