Nicki Minaj ‘Pills N’ Potions’ music video review

Nicki Minaj has released the video for her new single “Pills N’ Potions”. Filled with bizarre moments, neutral colored backdrops, an appearance by rapper The Game, Minaj’s new toned down look and racy topless scenes, the video is in hopes to push the single further up the charts.

Overall, the video was interesting but, it failed to capture the emotion of the song. Isn’t that the whole point of a video? Let’s take a more in-depth look into the visuals.

First things first, that bunny! The appearance of a random picture of the bunny was just uncanny. It makes multiple cameos in the video and each time its purpose is questioned.

The Game as her love interest worked. They had great chemistry and he was a less obvious choice for the role which was refreshing. The scene where Minaj was carrying Game’s head in her hand was one of the most memorable ones.

The cartoonish effects look nice in HD and all, but what was the point? It was just unnecessary. The Beatz Pills by Dr. Dre was the only extra that made sense in the video since the song is called “Pills N’ Potions”.

She’s been promoting her new natural look all year now so seeing it in the video was not surprising.There is a scene where Minaj is topless and only sporting pasties in the upper part of her body. The point of that, like most of the video, is non-existent.

The Verdict: Purposeless video that does nothing for the song. While “Pills N’ Potions” is emotional and personal, it’s video is colorful, weird and has nothing to do with song.

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