Oregon school shooter used AR-15 rifle in attack

More details are emerging about the murder weapon used to kill a student and injure a teacher at a high school in Oregon.

According to CNN, authorities have said that the gun used in the shooting was an AR-15 rifle and that the shooter had a bag filled with more than 20 fully-loaded magazines. Knives were also found in the paper bag.

On Tuesday, a shooting was reported around 8:00 a.m. at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, near Portland.

The unidentified suspect killed 14-year-old freshman, Emilio Hoffman and wounded a teacher before killing himself.

Fire trucks and SWAT officers arrived on the scene and students were evacuated. They were later reunited with their parents at a nearby location.

Some of the students communicated with one another and reacted to the horrific event on Twitter while it was happening. They were obviously shaken and expressed shock and disbelief as to what was unfolding at their school.

The public high school consists of grades 9-12 and has over 2,800 students enrolled.

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