Pennsylvania gun show vendor accidentally shoots woman

A woman was accidentally shot in the leg by a vendor who was demonstrating a gun and holster in a Pennsylvania gun show.

The Associated Press reported that whether the vendor, Geoffrey Hawk, will be facing criminal charges is up to The Columbia County district attorney’s office.

The accident took place on Saturday, June 28, at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. The woman shot was 25-year-old Krista Gearhart, who was released for a thigh wound from Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Hawk, who told the police he has done the demonstration over 20 times, said he believed the gun was unloaded when he was showing the concealed-carry wallet holster to Gearheart.

According to police, there was no magazine in the weapon that Gawk shot Gerhart with, but the weapon did contain a round in the chamber, says Raw Story.

The organizer of the the Eagle Arms Gun Show, Joel Koehler, said that Gawk was asked to close his booth and leave the show, which continued through Sunday.

The gun show staff checks all weapons to ensure that they’re not loaded, and there’s even a sign in the entrance that says, “No Loaded Weapons.”

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