‘Rookie Blue’ recap: ‘Heart Breakers, Money Makers’

The episode begins with Nick training the new rookie Duncan for the traditional “Fight Night” between different police stations. Oliver puts pressure on Duncan to do well, Traci freaks him out by showing him what she looked like after her victorious fight, and Andy asks Nick to make sure he is okay because he’s her responsibility. Nick replies, “if you want to be in the game, you might get hurt,” but then assures her he’ll take care of him. Nick seems pretty easy around Andy considering she just broke his heart. What’s up with that?

Moving on, Sam is back in action. After he and Andy exchange flirtatious greetings but no kisses, the scene transitions to the parade meeting, led by Oliver and Inspector John Jarvis. Jarvis introduces “Project Accountability,” aimed at seizing assets criminals purchased with earnings from illegal activity. Jarvis explains it’s a city wide operation but he expects 15 Division to have the biggest haul and Oliver tells everyone that they are to get what’s on their list and get to Fight Night, which Chris Diaz is organizing.

Dov and Gail are partnered and as they head to their first stop, Gail flirtatiously discusses plans with Holly over the phone. When she hangs up, Dov gives her a hard time about missing Fight Night. Gail gives a snarky response but then explains that she is meeting Holly’s friends for the first time. Dov callously points out she doesn’t make a good first impression and that her ambiguous sexuality might make Holly’s friends think she isn’t serious about Holly.

At the Fight Night location, the always adorkable Chloe tells the frantic Chris how impressed she is with what he’s done through an off-topic, fast-paced rant. Then, when Chris says he’s loved Fight Night since he was a rookie, for “the competition and camaraderie, it’s like a big—”Chloe finishes the sentence with: “orgie.” Chris corrects her by saying, “family reunion.” With this line, Chloe once again proves she’s the show’s most lovable, entertaining character.

Cut to Nick, Andy and Duncan arriving at the home of Geno Jones—who was convicted of running a gambling operation—in the midst of a verbal argument between he and his wife, Merna. When Andy tells Duncan to check the basement, Geno insists there is nothing down there. Duncan takes a step towards Geno to confront him about what he’s hiding, and Geno punches him in the face and escapes.

Elsewhere, Dov and Gail find 27 Division’s Wes and his partner, Jen, have beaten them to their spot. Jen takes a dig at Gail, and Dov and Wes have a standoff about who’s territory it should be, which is settled via phone call by Oliver, who says 27 Division takes the lead since they arrived first.
Meanwhile, Nick, Andy and Duncan find Geno at a car shop, being harbored by a man named Lee.

Back at the station, Nick suggests Andy stay to help Sam interrogate Geno, since he has to get Duncan to Fight Night anyway. As he walks away, Andy looks pitifully and perhaps guiltily towards Nick. Finally, some evidence that there is actually tension between them.

In the next scene, the safe Dov and Gail found at the house they were in is blown open to reveal a wad of cash and cards. Dov, noticing the debit/credit cards in his hand, tells Wes and Jen they can have the cash if he and Gail get to keep the cards. Wes agrees, and when he and Jen leave, Dov tells Gail the cards are copies and that he doesn’t think the homeowner currently in prison, who is part of the Dowling crew, could have been running such an extensive card scam alone, meaning they have stumbled upon a bigger case.

They take what they found to Traci, who discovers that the Dowling gang copies real cards and then withdraws money from people’s accounts, making $1,000 a day. They stop strategizing their next move when Oliver approaches them, since Dov and Gail don’t want him to know they aren’t following his orders until they have something to show for it. When Oliver walks away, Traci gives them the address of an abandoned warehouse where the safe they found was originally delivered to.

Shoot to Sam and Andy talking to Geno at the station. He suspiciously wants to hurry the process along to the point where he posts bail. When Sam tells him he just has to confess, Geno asks to call his lawyer. After just a short phone conversation with his “lawyer,” Geno is ready to confess.

Elsewhere, Gail and Dov arrive at the warehouse. When, to Gail’s chagrin, Dov again brings up Holly and his issue with Gail’s sudden change in sexual orientation, Gail admits she’s serious about Holly but thinks that Holly is the only one who needs to know that. After another question from Dov, Gail sincerely explains that she thinks Holly is the smartest person she’s ever met, they don’t have anything in common but it gives them more to talk about, and she loves that they never fight, which is something new to Gail. Just as she finishes talking, the two walk through a doorway and discover an apparently criminal operation.

Upon arriving at the scene, Oliver scolds them for not following orders but when Jarvis calls them out on it, Oliver claims they were in fact obeying command. However, Jarvis isn’t having it and threatens Dov and Gail with permanent desk duty if they ever do something similar again.

Later, Gail is visibly uncomfortable in her outing with Holly and co. as one of Holly’s friends is giving Holly a hard time about her career choice. When the friends leave to get more drinks, she is openly affectionate with Holly, but when they return, and Holly encourages Gail to share a story, in true Gail form, she chooses a grim one that makes things awkward. Is it necessary to make Gail so incredibly unlikable? Every scene with her is painful to watch.

Back at the station, Andy pulls Sam aside and expresses suspicion that Geno is up to something.

In the next scene, Duncan bails on his fight and the alcohol delivery guy arrives late and with the wrong order, prompting Chris to freak out and basically assault the guy. As Chloe calms Chris down, he reveals that he’s so stressed because he wants things to be perfect, like before everything bad happened, and that he misses being a rookie. Chloe offers him some advice and as Chris cools off, promises not to tell anyone about his meltdown.

At the station, Sam, posing as Geno, calls Geno’s “lawyer,” who they’ve learned is actually just Lee. Merna answers, frantically claiming that Lee is at their house threatening to hurt her if Geno doesn’t tell him where additional money is hidden beyond the bail money he’s been sent to retrieve. When Sam and Andy confront Geno, he swears there is no more money.

Upon arriving at Geno’s house, the officers discover that Merna is the one looking for more money and Lee was the real victim. They arrest Merna, who has manically torn the house apart to no avail. As Sam and Andy try to understand the situation, Andy hits a key on Geno’s piano that makes a weird sound. Lo and behold, when they open up the piano, they find a hidden cash stash. Really, what is this, an episode of House? Dumb luck solves the case? Ugh.

At the bar, Gail overhears Holly’s friends telling her that Gail isn’t good enough for Holly and that they think Holly’s only with her because she wants something simple and easy. Holly responds by saying she’s having fun. Her friends tell her that she should at least get out before Gail gets hurt and Holly insists no one is going to get hurt. As is Gail’s nature, instead of discussing the issue, Gail freaks out, makes accusations, insults Holly’s friends, dumps her nastily and walks away.

Cut to the gang arriving at Fight Night. Chloe jumps adorably into Dov’s arms and after a quick encounter with Oliver, Gail is approached by Jen, who apologizes for her earlier comments. Shockingly, Gail plays nice. Is she flirting to spite Holly?

In the men’s room, Wes confronts Dov about stealing his bust and Dov’s response implies their issue is really about Chloe. He tells Wes that Chloe told him Wes scared her and Wes responds by stating that he was protecting her, like a man. Dov tells him to let it go and walks away, leaving Wes fuming.

At last, Fight Night kicks off, with (an ab-tastic) Nick stepping in to replace Duncan. As his assistant, Chloe delivers yet another great line: “Don’t let him hit your face because you have a really good face.”

Nick gets pummeled until the referee calls for a break and Chloe is telling him to throw in the towel, but he blocks out everything else when he sees Andy walk in with Sam. He resumes fighting and takes an absolute beating. Andy looks on, with a lovingly concerned look on her face, which Sam notices as he watches her watch Nick.

As he goes down, Andy looks almost the exact same way she did when she saw Sam fighting for his life. What, she only realizes the extent of her feelings when her man/men are in serious physical danger? Geez, this girl is really starting to seem annoyingly fickle… and yet I love the drama of wondering who she’ll chose. Keep it coming!

When Andy approaches Nick after the fight Nick just says he fought, got his a** kicked but at least he tried. So Andy quotes him, saying, “So what, if you’re going to be in the game, you’re going to get hurt.” The subtle implication in this scene is that he was thinking about something beyond the actual fight when he’d said that. As in he’s going to fight for Andy? Yay—I think. I’m so torn.

Nick replies, “Now you got it,” and then walks away, wishing her a good night as he leaves.

*Author’s note: In the previous recap, Inspector Jarvis was described as the police commissioner. This was an error. Jarvis is actually the one who went after Staff Sergeant Best. However, the police commissioner IS, in fact, Duncan’s step father.

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