Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says he hates three-pointers

San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich hates three-pointers.

That’s right, Popovich, whose team had made 161 three-pointers this postseason coming into Sunday’s game two of the NBA Finals, said in a press conference recently that he thinks every field goal should be worth two points.

Popovich, who is attempting to win his fifth NBA championship said he uses the three-point shot because it is necessary to be successful, but would rather not have to.

“It makes it tougher to cover that much room defensively on the court, so you do have to pay attention to it defensively. It’s a heck of a weapon.” Said Popovich according to CBSsports.com.

Having to defend a lot of court is difficult against a player like Lebron James, who had 35 points in Miami’s 98-96 Game 2 victory, which ESPN.com.

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