Warren G always admired his older brother, Dr. Dre

Famous hip-hop rapper, producer, and legend Warren G has always admired his older brother Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre is Warren G’s half brother, and he has become a mogul in the business world. Continuing to prosper with his headphone company worldwide. Warren G remembers back when he went to junior high school how he used to were Dr. Dre’s jacket. He compares those times as a youngster to the present day and still being a huge fan of his brother.

“It was incredible. I was in junior high school and I would sneak his jacket and wear it to school. It had the World Class Wreckin’ Cru on it. I was just really, really happy for him and looked up to him as a kid. I still look up to him, he’s a cool cat,” said Warren G, reported by HipHopDx.

What Warren G also admires about his half brother is the opportunity he gave him and his childhood friend Snoop Dogg. He says Dr. Dre paved the way for him to be able to create music in a studio in the first place. Without Dre there would be no Snoop Dogg or Warren G.

“Dr. Dre, my oldest brother, he paved the way for me and Snoop to get a chance to get into the studio,” he said. “Back then I was just deejaying so I wasn’t really that active [or] have too much input in what was going on. So I asked him to show me how to work the MPC 60 and he showed me,” said Warren G, according to HotNewHipHop.

20 years ago Warren G’s most famous hit song was released called “Regulate” featuring his good friend Nate Dogg. It is a song that put Warren G on the map and to this day it is his biggest commercial single success. However, Warren G is humble to the fact that Dr. Dre taught him how to produce hip-hop music.

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