Boston Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski praises David Ortiz

It has been recently publicized that former Boston Red Sox great Carl Yastrzemski has given David Ortiz his stamp of approval as a Red Sox all-time great.

There has been debate about who is the best hitter in the organizations history behind Ted Williams. People have been picking either Ortiz or Yastrzemski. The man they call Yaz says Big Papi is the second best Red Sox hitter in the team’s history.

According to the Boston Globe, Yastrzemski stated, “I think so, yeah. I would put [Ortiz] ahead of me.”

After producing monster statistics for 23 seasons as a Red Sox, he puts Ortiz in front of him as a hitter, proven by ESPN. Despite Big Papi spending a majority of his career as a DH, Yaz says being a DH is really hard.

Yastrzemski said, “DH-ing is very difficult, and he seems to have mastered it. It’s not that easy. When I DH-ed my last year, I hated it.”

What has put Ortiz in the conversation is he passed Yastrzemski in home runs, and he has won three World Series Championships in his career with Boston. Big Papi’s name has been thrown around not only as a Red Sox legend, but also a player who has a possibility of joining the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

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