Burger King introduces Gay Pride Whopper

Burger King features rainbow wrapped ‘Proud Whopper’ at San Francisco location in support of gay rights.

The slogan printed on the packaging “we are all the same inside” serves a dual purpose – ensuring customers that it contains the same old beloved whopper, as well as making an analogous statement about broader topics to do with the LGBT community.

Senior Vice President of global brand management at Burger King tells USA Today “it shows how we, as a brand, believe in self-expression.” Also revealing to the paper that the campaign is in correspondence with the companies recently adjusted slogan from “Be Your Way”, formerly “Have it Your Way.”

In addition to the Proud Burger, TIME reports that Burger King sponsored pride parades in San Francisco, and New York this past weekend, where Burger King gave out up to 70,000 rainbow crowns.

The burger will be available until June 28th at the Market Street restaurant in San Francisco, where last weekends 44th annual pride parade and celebration took place. Priced at the usual price of $4.29, profits will go to the McLamore Foundation, that raises scholarships for LGBT high school seniors.

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