Eye movements can give away true intentions, scientists say

Interested in knowing if your date is really interested in getting to know you and pursue a relationship, or if they just want a short fling? Researchers form the University of Chicago have determined that the way someone looks at another person can determine what their true intentions are with fairly accurate results.

The official report has been published in Psychological Scienc and outlines the notion that eye movement can distinguish a person’s true intentions. Although there is some crossover, “One is always more dominant,” says Stephanie Cacioppo, the leader of the study, in a statement to RT.

Students at the university were asked to look at black-and-white photos and determine their feelings about the person photographed within a few seconds. Their eye movements were analyzed at a later date. It was found that there are extreme differences in eye movement, depending on what the person’s feelings were about the photograph. People typically would look at the eyes when feeling affection or love, but generally looked below the nose and at the body if they were more interested in other, more physical, things, reports The Financial Express. The study found that, while there is a distinct difference in physical reaction to differen feelings, the brain does not have hesitation in processing the two different emotional states.

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