How Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom really match up

It’s one thing to have two men fight over you but what happens when the two men are Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber? Well, Miranda Kerr certainly knows.

While visiting Spain early Wednesday morning, the two were seen at the same restaurant and that’s when some drama went down. Bloom reportedly threw a punch at Bieber after the 20-year-old taunted him.

This male catfight supposedly happened because of the rumored flirting Bieber did with Bloom’s ex-wife, Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr. But Miranda wasn’t the only one brought up in the drama… Selena Gomez has been reported spending some time with Bloom, too!

These guys definitely have the same tastes in women.

But here at, we’re wondering how these two beauties could choose one over the other and we decided to compare these suitors based on looks, personality and careers.

If we were Miranda – or even Selena at this point – we’d have to choose Orlando and here’s why:


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Orlando wins this battle because of how adorable he is when he’s cuddling up to his son, Flynn. Bieber doesn’t have any children but come on, who doesn’t love a compassionate dad with his kids?


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Not only did Orlando marry Miranda Kerr but also he was seriously linked to the stunning Kate Bosworth for over three years. Yeah, Justin got Selena (a bunch of times, surprisingly) but rumor has it Orlando was possibly seeing her too… So, Orlando clearly wins.


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Although Justin is a very popular singer known for his catchy pop hits, Orlando has played dozens of different characters ranging in variety from a pirate to an elf to a musketeer and to a simple, normal romantic guy. He wins, again, for being a jack-of-all-trades.

Also, he takes selfies with fans at his movie premieres.

Social Media Presence

Orlando doesn’t use an Instagram – that we know of – but even if he did, we don’t think he would be posting half naked mirror selfies like a tool. Sorry, Justin. You need to stop. Winner: Orlando.


Some may think that Justin’s apparel is raw and fresh but we think it’s immature and just way too much. Even on his days off, Orlando looks slender and neat rocking boat shoes, cuffed jeans and a simple tee shirt. No tacky medallions for this British babe. He wins again!

So as you can see, we here at think that Orlando is a much better suitor to become involved with, but tell us, who’s team are you on?

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