‘Ladies of London’ recap: episode 5

This week’s episode of revolves around a trip to the country to visit the Earl of Sandwich. Standing in the way of a peaceful trip are the continuing issues of rudeness between Annabelle and Juliet and who’s standing up for whom in the fight between Caprice and Caroline.

The episode begins with Marissa and Julie (Lady Hinchingbrooke) practicing yoga while they discuss Julie’s fears about introducing the ladies to her ultra conservative in-laws. Marissa reassures her that everyone is an adult and they will act accordingly.

The ladies are packing up for the big trip to Mapperton in the country, yet all have their own fears about the weekend. Caroline hasn’t spoken to Caprice since their falling out about Caprice’s baby shower and she hopes that they can just ignore each other and not create waves. Annabelle speaks about how she has been going to Mapperton for almost 20 years and she feels like one of the family, even claiming her own bedroom. She hopes that all of her good memories of the place aren’t ruined by this weekend with the ladies.

Marissa, Noelle, and Juliet jump into a black van together and are chauffeured to the estate. Conversation revolves around Noelle not moving into her flat yet and complaining that once again Scot has let her down by not getting it ready in time to move in before the weekend. Juliet makes jokes about bringing inappropriate gifts as a peace offering to Annabelle.
Caprice and Annabelle are in a separate van and Caroline is driving herself along with her makeup artist. Caprice and Annabelle rehash all of the arguments within the group. Caprice explains that she was the ONLY one to stand up for Annabelle and Annabelle agrees that Caprice did the right thing by cancelling the shower that Caroline had planned.
While they make their way out to the estate, Julie is preparing things at the house. She goes over the schedule with the head housekeeper and explains that only Annabelle has been invited to stay over. The rest of the group will be at the nearby hotel.

They ladies arrive at the estate and are greeted by the Lord and Julie. Juliet makes a blunder by immediately asking for the bathroom and once again Caroline stresses that it is a very formal estate and manners must be impeccable. After some chilly greetings between the separate groups, the ladies take a tour of the gardens with the Lady of Sandwich. Juliet shows her “American” off again when she tries to pick a flower to put in her hair. Thankfully, Marissa stops her before she can accomplish it. Next up is clay shooting with the estates gamesman, Mike. Immediately, Caprice and Caroline opt out of the shooting and Caprice throws in a dig saying Caroline probably isn’t a good shot. Annabelle shoots first and shows off excellent skills. Noelle is up next and misses completely. She admits to closing the wrong eye and everyone giggles. Juliet does a weird squat while she tries shooting and Caroline innocently chides her about it. Marissa is last and just like her personality, she picks it up immediately and shoots the clay perfectly.
After shooting, the girls are relaxing in the grass and the subject of what’s for dinner comes up. Julie says the main course is venison and Juliet goes into a tirade about how she isn’t going to eat Bambi. Caroline tells her that you just eat around it and not to be rude. She refuses and says she doesn’t want to see Bambi on her plate.

Later that night, the ladies are dressed in their finest for the dinner party. This time it’s Noelle’s turn for blundering when she asks another dinner guest, who happens to be a cellist, if he will play after dinner. He politely declines. There is some light conversation where Caroline and Annabelle tease the others about their outfits, but it’s joking and playful instead of mean hearted.
Finally everyone is seated around the dinner table and the first course is served. Much to Noelle’s dismay, shrimp is served. She is deathly allergic to and cannot eat it. She hands her plate off to another guest and heads to the kitchen to ask for soup. In a talking head, Caprice states that it is customary to let the host know your requirements when you accept the invitation, not when you’re sitting at the table. Juliet, Noelle, and Caroline excuse themselves to head outside for a cigarette and Caprice calls them out on their rudeness when the Lord notices.
Outside, Caroline schools Juliet that it’s not her point of view that turns people off; it’s the way she delivers it. She needs to state her opinion once and then be done with it.
The ladies head back in and the main course is served. Juliet is upset to see that venison is on her plate. Noelle notices that Juliet is not eating and offers to trade her vegetables for Juliet’s meat, a major manner faux pas to Caroline, Marissa, and Annabelle.
After dinner, the Lord and Lady excuse themselves to bed and the ladies sit around having idle chit chat until Juliet asks Annabelle to have a private talk with her. They discuss the 4th of July fight. Juliet was offended by the quiet comments that Annabelle made about her behavior. Annabelle is upset that Juliet verbally abused her on the street afterwards. She requests that Juliet come to her quietly and discuss when she has a problem. Juliet agrees and they both vow to get to know each other better. Back in the dining room, Caroline, Noelle, Marissa, and Juliet head back to the hotel. Caprice decides to stay with Julie and Annabelle at the house. Annabelle replays the conversation she had with Juliet but paints it in the light that Juliet brought up all of the things SHE did wrong and didn’t take any blame to herself. Back at the hotel, Juliet tells the same story; only in her version Annabelle admits that she did handle things incorrectly. Meanwhile both Caprice and Caroline agree that they both ignored their issues and swept it under the table. It’s clear that there are two dominant forces coming out headed by Caroline and Caprice. Next week there’s more tug of war between the two sides and of course, more bickering.

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