‘Last Comic Standing’ recap: ‘Challenge 3 – Universal Tram Experience’

Last week, 8 comics had a chance to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, with Rod Man, Nikki Carr and Monroe Martin being chosen. Rod man was selected as the winner, and received immunity from the head-to-head stand up. The battle was between Lachlan Patterson and DC Benny, with Lachlan being safe.

Now, seven comics remain; Lachlan Patterson, Nikki Carr, Monroe Martin, Rod Man, Rocky LaPorte, Karlous Miller and Joe Machi.

This weeks challenge: “Tram It All In”

Each comic will have a turn at being a tour guide on the universal tram experience at Universal Studios Hollywood. This challenge relies on improvisational skills and crowd work. After each comic had their turn, the group of guests vote for the winner.

This week, comedian Howie Mandel served as a guest mentor. The comics receive a map of their bus route, and Howie helps them prepare. Nikki has had experience on a party bus, so she has an advantage in this challenge. Joe tells Howie about his nerves and inexperience with improv, and Howie brings in random strangers who are led to believe that Joe is George Clooney in make-up. In the end, Joe proves to do well with improv.

After each comic has their turn on the tour guide, Lachlan is announced the winner, and is therefore immune from the final head-to-head. The contestants then cast their votes as followed:

Nikki – Joe
Lachlan – Joe
Joe – Monroe
Karlous – Rocky
Rocky – Karlous
Monroe – Joe
Rod – Rocky

With Joe receiving the most votes, he is automatically selected for the head-to-head, and in turn, he chooses to go against Monroe.

In the head-to-head stand up set, Joe received high praise from the judges, with Roseanne Barr telling him that she is always “impressed” with his work. Monroe also received great praise form the judges, with Keenan Ivory Wayans telling him that he “keeps getting better.” After the judges take a minute to deliberate, they find themselves to be deadlock.

So Joe and Monroe are brought out for two additional minutes to perform again. In the end, the judges still cannot decide. So host JB Smoove brings them out for sudden death, where each comic has the chance to give one more joke.

Monroe talks about loosing a limb to diabetes compared to losing a limb in the war, and Joe talks about how the original forefathers would react if they saw the world today.

The judges finally make their pick, and send Joe on to the next round, saying goodbye to Monroe.

Next week, the comics have their final challenge round, roasting comedian Gilbert Gottfried. They then have a final showdown, where the last five comics are reveled and will move on to the title round.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com

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