New space station shipment launched

On Sunday, July 13, 2014 a cargo ship filled with over 3,300 pounds of food, samples, and clothing was launched into outer space towards the International Space Station. Orbital Sciences Corporation was the company to launch the capsule, and the exploration began off the coast of Virginia. This is the third delivery sent out by NASA for the residents of the space station.

Roughly 260 miles above Australia, the International Space Station floated carefree while Cygnus took flight. The station is expected to receive the package by Wednesday night or Thursday morning, reports NASA. Although the launch was delayed for a bit of time because of some extra engine inspections and routinely (expected) bad weather, there was still excitement at the launch pad as it was sent on its way. On Twitter, German astronaut Alexander Gerst wrote, “Humans are explorers!” in anticipation of the launch.

Saturday, July 12, marked the 5,000th day for humans to be in space continuously, reports Fox News. NASA hopes to continue their space exploration efforts and expand the capabilities of man outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

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