Rihanna’s Top 10 biggest songs

In less than a decade, Rihanna has become one of the most iconic stars in American history. She has sold over 10 million albums with her six platinum+ and one gold-selling album. Known for her signature island accent, Rihanna is one of the most dependent artist of today.

Music of The Sun was the stunner’s first album and her first single, “Pon De Replay” peaked at No. 2 and was her first of twenty-five top-ten hits. Her second album, A Girl Like Me , produced her first of thirteen number one singles. Good Girl Gone Bad, Rated R, Loud, Talk That Talk and Unapologetic, has each spawned more than one smash hits.

No matter if it’s a pop, song, an R&b single or a rap song, if Rihanna sung it, it was a hit. But, which one’s are her biggest. Her is a list constructed of her biggest hits based on sales, video views, chart position and, of course popularity. Don’t look for “Love The Way You Lie” or “The Monster” by Eminem, “Live Your Life” by T.I. or “Run This Town” by Jay Z since she wasn’t the lead artist in them.

Here we go!

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10. ”What’s My Name?” featuring Drake
Rihanna’s ex, Drake dropped an ear grabbing verse on this Caribbean, good-feel jam. The video was widely popular and features Drake following Rihanna around, which is something Drake might not do anymore.
Chart Positon: #1 for one week
Video Views: 371 Million
Digital Downloads : 3 Million

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9. “Take A Bow””
Ne-Yo wrote this smash hit for Rihanna that had an “Irreplaceable” feel to it; a song performed by her contemporary, Beyoncé. The song became her fifth number one single and her super successful song before the Chris Brown incident. The song was a radio smash and had every woman singing every word to it out of their car.
Chart Positon: #1 for one weeks
Video Views: 200 Million
Digital Downloads : 2 Million

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8. ”Don’t Stop The Music”
The hits from Good Girl Gone Bad just kept coming and coming. “Don’t Stop the Music” was a more dance-y then her previous single and proved that Rihanna can pretty much win with any sound.
Chart Positon: #3
Video Views: 208 Million
Digital Downloads : 3.5 Million

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7. ”Rude Boy”
It’s the song that started it all. It is also one of the biggest songs for a debut artist ever. The song is Katy Perry’s longest running number one single. It’s one of Perry’s more edgy songs and shaped her up to look like she would be a one hit wonder. But then…..
Chart Positon: #1 for five weeks
Video Views: 271 Million
Digital Downloads : 2 Million

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6. “Only Girl (In The World)”
It’s the first song she released from Loud and also her first song she released with her loud red hair. The video amassed over 300 million and reached number one after her second single, “What’s My Name”, reached the summit.
Chart Positon: #1 for one week
Video Views: 337 Million
Digital Downloads : 3.4 Million

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5. ”Disturbia”
A song that seemed like it was designed to be the soundtrack to Halloween. The song is one of Rihanna’s most downloaded tracks with 4.5 million units sold. The song wasn’t even on the standard version of Good Girl Gone Bad but still manage to peak at No.1 for two weeks.
Chart Positon: #1 for two weeks
Video Views: 119 Million
Digital Downloads : 4.5 Million

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4. “Stay” featuring Mikky Ekko
Rihanna was unapologetic about wanting Chris Brown to stay with her and, well, he did. After an emotional performance on SNL, the song became her next single and even ruled radio. The slow ballad was one of the most popular songs on radio in 2013.
Chart Positon: #3
Video Views: 292 Million
Digital Downloads : 4 Million
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3. “Diamonds”
It’s her most recent No.1 and comes almost ten years after her first No.1, “S.O.S” and shows that Rihanna has no plans for slowing down anytime soon. The video is also her most viewed one with over 400 million. The song is a power ballad about powerful love.
Chart Positon: #1 for two weeks
Video Views: 454 Million
Digital Downloads : 4 Million

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2. “Umbrella” featuring Jay Z
For a long time this was Rih’s biggest song. The reason is because it was hard to match-yet alone surpass, the success and magnitude of “Umbrella”. At the time, it was her longest running number one single, most known, most popular and best selling until…………..
Chart Positon: #1 for seven weeks
Video Views: 136 Million
Digital Downloads : 4.5 Million

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1. “We Found Love” featuring Calvin Harris
……….“We Found Love” and surpassed all of her records. This song ended 2011 at No.1 and even spent a couple of weeks at the top in 2012. The song sounds very sweet and joyful, but it’s the opposite. It’s about how she find love in a hopeless place with two-times ex, Chris Brown. “We Found Love” is her longest running number one single ever and the longest running number one single by a female artist this decade.
Chart Positon: #1 for 10 weeks
Video Views: 365 Million
Digital Downloads : 5 Million

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