Three-boat collision near Miami’s Dinner Key leaves four dead

Four people are dead and eight others are injured after three boats collided near Florida’s Dinner Key Marina in Miami late Friday night.

A little over an hour before midnight on the Fourth of July, the Coast Guard said that one of the boats radioed in that another had struck his boat, which was now starting to sink, The Associated Press.

Two of the dead were discovered in the water on Saturday, with the second body found later in the morning.

“My understanding is they may have been out there enjoying the fireworks display, and typically after the fireworks are over, everyone makes a mad dash for the nearest marina,” said public information officer Jorge Pino, of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “And unfortunately in the past we’ve seen where accidents have occurred during that time.”

According to the Miami Herald, the accident was two incidents that happened right after each other, Pino explained, with Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Ignatius Carroll noting that the whole incident was “chaos.”

Those injured in the collision were sent to either Mercy Hospital, Kendall Regional Medical Center or the Ryder Trauma Center, with injuries that ranged “from minor to very critical,” said Pino.

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