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July 06 02:44 2014

Jessica Simpson is a singer who is best known for her songs such as I Wanna Love You Forever and Irresistible. She also starred in a reality show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica for a brief time with ex-husband Nick Lachey. In addition to being a singer and actress, Simpson has her own fashion line and fragrance.

In 2010, Simpson met a former NFL player named Eric Johnson, who would go onto father her two children, a daughter, Maxwell, and son, Ace. They were finally married after a four-year engagement on July 5.

Simpson has been in the headlines lately after her battle with weight after the birth of her children, but she has come out strong and beautiful, and now starts a new chapter in her life. Maybe one day, we’ll hear new music from the blonde singer. Right now, she is enjoying motherhood, designing her own clothes, and now she is a newlywed again. We wish Simpson well on her new adventure with her family.

In the meantime, in honor of her wedding day, is counting down the top ten songs from Jessica Simpson throughout her career so far.

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10. I Wanna Love You Forever

One of her earlier songs, this song speaks about loving someone and wanting to feel their “sweet embrace.” The song is off her album Sweet Kisses. It was one of the first songs to catapult Simpson into the music industry.

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9. Take My Breath Away

Simpson covered “Take My Breath Away” in 2004 and did an amazing job with this song. Plus, the video is done beautifully to go along with the music.

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8. I Think I’m In Love With You

This song is off of Sweet Kisses and was released as a single in 2000. It has a quintessential pop beat about feeling the effects of being in love and the music is fun and upbeat.

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7. A Little Bit

This song was released in 2001 off of the album Irresistable and it’s a catchy and upbeat song about wanting to hold onto a love that is full of tears and tension. She wants a change in the relationship and the video for the song features lots of dancing.

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6. I Belong To Me]

Released in 2006, “I Belong To Me” goes into the feelings one has after a break up, and understanding that they have to take care of themselves. The song came off her fifth album, A Public Affair. The song came on the heels of Simpson’s separation from her husband, Nick Lachey, and the song and video exemplify the feelings that come through a painful break up and realizing the need to take care of yourself.

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5. With You

“With You” was released in 2003 from the In This Skin album and is about the good feelings that come when in a new relationship. The video for the song also plays on the joke about Simpson confusing the seafood company ‘Chicken of the Sea’ as being chicken instead of tuna during her time on her reality show about being a newlywed. While the video is awkward since it is basically about her life with former husband Nick Lachey, the song is still catchy and fun to sing to.

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4. Sweetest Sin

Released off of Simpson’s 2003 album In This Skin, this was the singer’s first single off the album and talks about a sin between a couple in love and how good it would feel to be together.

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3. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Simpson did a cover of the song, which came off the soundtrack for the 2005 film The Dukes of Hazzard, which she appeared in.

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2. Angels

Simpson did a cover of the song “Angels,” which was previously by the singer Robbie Williams. The song is off of her album In This Skin and was released in 2004 as the final single from the album.

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1. Irresistible

“Irresistible” has always been a favorite and the video for the song is amazing. Released in 2001 off her album of the same name, the song is catchy and has a good rhythm as Simpson sings about a man who she desires.



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