‘True Blood’ recap: ‘Lost Cause’

For an episode that revolved around tequila, celebration, and some scandalous hookups, it felt like a bit of a snooze. Now that’s not to say a lot didn’t happen, it’s just, this particular episode felt way less True Blood and way more teen drama.

It all started when Lafayette, James, and Alcide’s parents decide to throw a party in Sookie’s house in order to “celebrate life.” Instead of mourning the loss of Alcide and Tara, they decide it’s more important to celebrate the life and friends they have that are alive. Naturally, the party becomes a rager and some drama ensues. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam go undercover as Republicans to try and snatch Sarah Newlin once and for all.

Here’s a recap of the events that went down:

Andy makes a big commitment

Andy seeks the help of Jessica, who he no longer views as a threat, so he can propose to Holly. Jess asks Sookie and Jason about using their grandmother’s ring, but the only thing is, Jason is supposed to give it to a woman, presumably Violet, when he’s ready. But wait, Violet says she doesn’t need the ring to know Jason’s commitment to her. After all, she’s a love expert having had 100 boyfriends! Jason agrees to give the ring to Andy.

Sure enough, Andy gets down on one knee and after a heartfelt speech, Holly excitedly accepts. I have to admit, this was one of the most heartwarming moments on the show to date. Andolly forever.

Arlene helps Sookie cope with her loss

After Andy’s proposal, Sookie can’t help but get teary eyed. She goes up to her room with Arlene, who passes down some wisdom: when she grieved, she used to put on Terry’s jacket so he’d be with her. Later in the episode, Sookie puts on one of Alcide’s jackets and hugs it tight.

Lafayette and James caught red-handed

Lafayette hasn’t been emotionally intimate with another man since Jesus, and we really saw him accept that he could be happy with someone else. Even if it did happen to be Jessica’s boyfriend. But as James states, Jessica is only giving him just enough love and affection, which happens to be not enough for him.

Jessica comes outside to find James and instead finds him with Lafayette, having a grand old time in her car. Naturally, she gets upset, but her anger seems phony. As Lafayette later address to her, does she really even know James at all?

Jessica and Jason: will they get back together?

I have always been a fan of these two together, and even more so recently, because well, Violet is a maniac. And Jason knows it too.

Jason comforts Jessica, and he and Lafayette both make her question whether or not she actually loves James. This gets Jason thinking about Violet, and he admits that she’s a little off. These two star-crossed lovers can’t help but rekindle their romance. But unfortunately for Jason and Jess, Violet overhears them and leaves with a smug smile on her face. Better watch out…

Bill reflects on his past while the virus plagues him

Bill is stoic and brooding throughout the party, not socializing with anyone. He instead reflects on the time when he tried to stand up and be a hero while supporting the Yankees. Sookie later comes out to talk to him and thanks him for seeing the good in her when she doesn’t realize it.

I knew a tender moment between these two had to have a catch. After Bill takes a bath, he goes over to the mirror only to notice the start of the Hep-V virus. Don’t tell me True Blood is going to rob both Bill and Eric from us!

Pam and Eric go undercover

On a mission to find Sarah Newlin, Pam and Eric seek the help of Sarah’s sister, Amber, in Dallas. Surprisingly willing to give them information, Amber tells Pam and Eric that she’s probably staying with her parents, who will be at a Republican convention.

Sure enough she is. She’s sneaking around in the bathroom trying to find her mother. When she finds her, she delivers the best line of the night after her mom asks her if she’s really the monster the press say she is:“I’m not a monster… I’m a Buddhist!,” she says to defend herself. Keep telling yourself that, Sarah.

So not only Eric is after her, but so is the council, who come in shooting pretty much every guest there, including both of Sarah’s parents. But lucky Eric finds Sarah before they do. Well, they find her eventually, but Eric kind of kills them all. He’s now got Sarah in his hands, and hasn’t killed her just yet, which will be a cliffhanger until next week.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode, “Karma,” posted below. Eric and Pam are both seen covered in silver chains. Does this mean Sarah Newlin wins the battle?

True Blood airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

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