Two baby mammoths found are ‘best preserved ever’

A report published on July 8, 2014, shows remarkable new details of two new baby mammoths found, nicknamed Lyuba and Khroma. The two passed away at 1 and 2 months, respectively, and scientists are saying they are the most well preserved found. Not only do the two provide new insights into mammoths and their development, but also into our modern-day elephants in comparison.

According to PBS Newshour, it appears that Lyuba and Khroma were relatively healthy prior to death, and they may have passed away from something as simple as suffocation. According to researchers, it appears that Lyuba died due to an obstruction in her trunk, possibly from falling into a lake while crossing the ice. Khroma’s fractured vertebre and more obstructions in her mouth and throat could suggest a collapsed riverbank.

CT scans were done on the mammoths to determine the cause of death, reports CNN, and the scans also help scientists look into more specific areas of the animals without damaging the preservation of their outer core. Khroma appeared to have a wider jawbone and skull, and her joints, such as her feet, knees, and shoulders, were more well-developed than Lyuba. Scientists do not know if that was because she had grown considerably in a month, or if she was actually part of an unknown sub-species of mammoth.

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