Two Denver police officers recovering after shooting

Two police officers who were shot in Denver, Colorado are recovering after a shooting that occurred on Saturday night.

According to the Associated Press, the officers, only identified as a male and female officer, were checking on a man in his home when he shot them both, wounding them before a third officer came and shot him.

A spokesman for the Lakewood police, Sergeant Randy McNitt, reportedly told the Associated Press that both the officers and the suspect were in the hospital and their injuries were not life threatening.

The suspect has not been named since he doesn’t have any formal charges in place against him.

The Denver Post reported that the police reported to a call about a “despondent” individual, after receiving a request from the wife to go to the home where her husband was to do a welfare check.

When the officers arrived, the man opened fire.

Another spokesman for the Lakewood police, Steve Davis, said the officers had bullet proof vests on and that they “played a crucial role” in preventing their injuries from being more serious than they were.

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