Weird Al Yankovic dons ‘douchey blonde wig,’ sings Pixies-styled ‘First World Problems’

Weird Al Yankovic dropped the latest music video on Saturday, this time singing about first world problems while wearing a “douchey blonde wig.”

The video, which is currently available only on PopCrush shows Weird Al singing “First World Problems” in the style of the Pixies.

“The thread count on these cotton sheets has got me itchin’ / My house is so big I can’t get Wi-Fi in my kitchen,” Weird Al screams before going to the chorus, “I got first world, first world problems.”

Weird Al said he had fun making the latest video for another track of his latest album Mandatory Fun. “I told [director Liam Lynch] that I didn’t want to be myself. I wasn’t Weird Al in this video — I was kind of like this douchey character,” he explained. “So we thought, ‘OK, we’ll find you a douchey blonde wig … [which was made of] real human hair … and I tried it on, and it fit, and we had fun with it!”

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All week long, Weird Al has been releasing music videos, including “Sports Song” and “Foil” to celebrate the release of what might be his final album, Mandatory Fun.

His latest release has proven quite popular though and he is expected to land his first No. 1 Billboard 200 album.

Mandatory Fun is currently projected to sell about 80,000 copies by Sunday, which likely will be enough to top the charts. Before this album, he has only hit the top 10 twice and never as high as the No. 1 spot.
He will have to compete against the latest album from Jason Mraz, Yes!, though, which is expected to sell at least 75,000 copies.

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