343 Industries reveal more about upcoming ‘Halo: Nightfall’ series

At PAX Prime on Saturday, 343 Industries revealed more information about the upcoming live-action Halo miniseries.

Halo: Nightfall will place the cast on a fragment of the Alpha Ring, which fans of the video game franchise might recognize is where the first game Combat Evolved, took place, The Associated Press reports.

Executive producer Kiki Wolfkill spoke before fans in the Benaroya Hall. “Our director, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, felt really strongly that he wanted the setting to be a character,” Wolfkill explained.

The fragment, which survived following the end of the first Halo game, in the series is one that now orbits a sun, which forces anyone on the surface to avoid being out in the open for a good period of time. “We really dug into how this fragment ended up there.”

It was also revealed that Jameson Locke, who is the lead character in the live-action series will appear in the upcoming Halo 5 as a playable character.

Back at Comic-Con in late July, 343 revealed the primary cast for the five-part miniseries. Many already knew Mike Colter would play Locke, but little else in the way of casting had been previously announced.

The rest of the cast includes Christina Chong, Steve Waddington, Luke Neal, Alexander Bhat, Christian Contreras, Alexis Rodney, Shaun Blaney, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Sarah Armstrong and Jennie Gruner.

Chong was tapped to play Talitha Macer, Waddington is on board as Randal Aiken and Neal rounds out the starring cast as Michael Bradley Horrigan.

Halo: Nightfall will exclusively hit Xbox Live on Nov. 11.

image courtesy of INFevents.com

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