Brandy talks past, present and future with Oprah Winfrey

A music and television veteran in her own right, Brandy recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey on her popular show Oprah: Where Are They Now? to discuss her past as well as her thoughts on the present and future.

During the interview, the Moesha star discussed the power of social media and its impact on celebrities. Having been a teen star herself, Brandy admitted that she didn’t believe she would have made it as a star if social media had existed when she was first rising to fame. “People can just type them anything that they want to say and [be] negative, you know,” she said.

Throughout her years of stardom, Brandy struggled with insecurity, something she shared in a 2002 interview with Oprah Winfrey for O Magazine and she says that even today, the things people say still have an effect on her.

However, Ms. Norwood appears to have her eye on the prize and wants to remain a positive person who produces positive entertainment. In an interview with HuffPost Live, Brandy was asked if she would ever produce another show like her hit sitcom Moesha, which remains one of the only television programs centered around the life of a young African-American girl. Brandy shared that she loved doing sitcoms and that if she were to ever do another sitcom she would make sure that it was as special as Moesha was. “I loved the experience with Moesha and I just want to make sure that whatever I do next is as special as that if I’m going to be in my own space,” she said.

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