Cats take over Tonawanda Island near Buffalo, NY

Tonawanda Island has become the home for hundreds of cats that were abandoned there.

Many of the cats are untamed and roam throughout the island. The felines have become a problem, with residents complaining of the messes they have made and are spreading, reported WIVB-TV.

“I’ve caught them on my boat a few times and they made messes; they’re just a problem,” said North Tonawanda resident, Wayne Howard.

The island became well known after word spread that people were known to come to the island to drop off their cats. Only the cats live on the 85-acre island, reported United Press International.

Danielle Coogan created a fundraiser, “Operation: Island Cats” to get the cats spayed and neutered. In her effort, she has raised almost $6,000.

“They’re just cats that no one really cares about so we are going to try and clean up the island,” Coogan said.

Many of the adult cats are wild, but the smaller kittens will be put up for adoption.

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