Drew Barrymore’s brother does not believe half-sister committed suicide

John Barrymore, half-brother of actress Drew Barrymore, believes that his half-sister Jessica Barrymore did not commit suicide, rather her death was the result of an accidental overdose.

As John told the New York Daily News, “It looks like it was a drug misadventure. Mixing alcohol and pills. I seriously doubt she took her own life. There were some empty vodka bottles, a couple bags of meth, and a variety of pills in the car. My guess is that it was the booze and pills, like with Heath Ledger.”

John believes that the illness of Jessica’s mother might have been the cause of Jessica’s drinking binge that may have resulted in her death, stating: “She visited her mom the day before, and her mom is almost gone. It was hard for her to see her. I doubt she tried to kill herself, though . . . I predict it will be that — mixing booze and pills and taking too many.”

“I’m going to miss Jessica,” John stated. “She was a kindred spirit. She knew laughing is what saves us all.”
According to Entertainmentwise, Drew Barrymore expressed her sorrow at the passing of her half-sister, who, as we reported, died earlier this week.

Drew expressed in her statement to the media that while she had never really known her sister, she was still devastated at the news of Jessica’s passing. The two had the same father, also named John Barrymore Jr. In fact, according to Entertainmentwise, the two only met just before their father’s death in 2005.

According to Zeenews , Jessica’s body was discovered surrounded by alcohol and various pills in her car, but John Barrymore also revealed that Jessica had methamphetamines in the vehicle.

Image Credit: Roger Wong/INFphoto.com

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