Mary Ann Rossoni ‘Edentown’ album review

Mary Ann Rossoni is no stranger to music, as Edentown is her eighth album and it reflects the questions that we often ask after we have been through sudden loss. With just her voice and the light strumming of the guitar, Rossoni brings an element of music out that focuses on the blend of both vocals and the beautiful instrumental sounds that tell a story through each song.

Her website talks about how Rossoni used real life loss in order to reflect on a narrative regarding the hardships we face in life, such as tragic death, and how to recover from the pain that afflicts us when we least expect. With just the sound of the guitar, it is easy to focus on the lyrics as

Rossoni’s voice on the album is simple, but haunting as the soothing arrangement of her vocals reflect the story she is trying to tell. Beginning with “No Friend Of Mine,” the song tells the story of meeting someone and sacrificing everything for him.

The next song, “Nailed Down,” has the classic sound of Folk and is a little faster paced than the previous song. Then the album takes a somber move with “Just Not Today,” reflecting on life’s simple moments before moving into “Hour of Mercy.”

With the themes of reflection on love, loss, sacrifice, and remembrance, Rossoni’s album is a beautiful work that encompasses the questions and thoughts we face when we go through different events through our lives.

Some standout tracks include “Just Not Today,” “Edentown,” “Beside My Memory of You,” and “More & More The Same.”

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